"Trust starts with Truth and ends with Truth" Santosh Kalwar

Leasing Team

When it comes to managing your property you are in safe hands with our very experienced Property Management team, who manage your property as if it was their own.

Their proactive approach ensures that your investment is well maintained and any potential issues are identified and dealt with before they become major problems.

Although most of our tenants are fantastic, Trisha has the required toughness to firmly deal with tenant issues when needed, even if it means that she is unpopular at times.

You will always have direct access to Helen, the agency owner, who is hands on and provides a 24/7 service with the help of an amazing support team :-)

We met with a number of real estate agents in Perth before entrusting our rental property (our previous home) with Helen & her team.

The service has been second to none and what we appreciate most is the honesty. I can't recommend the team enough. Thank you Trisha & Helen!