"Although a property is only worth what a Buyer is willing to pay, a skilled agent has the tools to maximise the return" Bruce Jones

What's My Property Worth

Assessing the value of your property, your needs and your timeline can change a multitude of times. How quickly you need the proceeds of the sale and the market conditions can help decide your path as you prepare to leave your current home.
Understanding the Buyers needs and what they could be prepared to pay will influence the value of your property. When it’s time to sell you can rely on us to give you an honest and realistic price guide based on competing properties with similar features, along with the current market conditions and local trends.  
Selling your property? 
Buyers are very astute nowadays, therefore we will assist you to price it right:
  • Price it too low and you lose valuable $$ 
  • Price it too high and no one will be interested in even viewing it 
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