To Sell or not to Sell, that is the question?

Selling Overview

To Sell or not to Sell, that is the question?

We will guide you through the journey from deciding if now is the right time to sell, through to handing the keys to the new owner and assisting you with the purchase of a new property. 

To give you a clearer picture of the selling process we have provided brief responses to some of the more common questions.

Each property is unique therefore time must be taken to ensure that your needs are heard and the property is marketed in the most effective manner to achieve the best outcome each and every time.


Is it better for me to rent my property or to sell?

Historically, owning rental property is a great investment, yet it is not without pitfalls. Determining whether you can cover your mortgage with rent and if the property value will grow is a challenge that takes research and analysis.
Analyse your current situation. How much do you owe on your property?  Will the net rent received cover the mortgage? Do you have the temperament or desire to be a landlord? Can you afford to cover the mortgage if your renter cannot? Do you have a solid understanding of tenant rights under the Residential Tenancy Act? What will the tax implications be?
If you need to move on quickly or don’t have the patience to deal with potential issues, selling might be the best option. If you think that the house value might improve, and you can move on without needing the income from the sale to purchase your next property, renting might be the answer for you.

Should I buy first or sell first? 

Current market dynamics and personality can influence whether you choose to buy or sell first. Some people like to sell before they look to buy another property, while others like to know where they are going to live before they sell their current property. There are benefits to each.
In a buyer’s market, sellers may be willing to take more risks to sign a contract. 
A seller’s market favours buyers who have already sold their property and can make a cash offer. 
We help you better understand the current local market conditions and gauge a timeline for each option.

How can I sell my house successfully?

When it comes to selling your property, there are some things that can be done to maximise profit at a minimal cost and with minimal effort. We will work with you to strategise ways to get the very most from your property and keep you from making small mistakes that could cost you hundreds, if not thousands.
A successful sale is not always just about the highest price. Sometimes the time is a crucial element such as a job transfer interstate or overseas. Therefore, it could be far more important just to move onto the next chapter of your life.
  • Be prepared to have strangers looking through your property, as even the nosey neighbour might know someone who could be interested in your property 
  • Be flexible - that after hours viewing could result in a sale
  • Invest time to have your property presented in its best light at all times, especially the exterior as buyers can be easily be put off by an unkempt garden

Why do I need to prepare my property?

Preparing your property for sale ensures the maximum return for you. It is not always an easy or quick task however the results can be well worth the effort. 
View your own property as if viewing the house for the first time and see what could possibly diminish the value of your property through buyers' eyes. Remove or replace any red flags - If you walk by something in your home and think, “We should probably fix that,” now is the time to do so.
We give you valuable guidance as we understand what appeals to today's buyers and which upgrades are worth your time and money, for example replacing carpets can be an expensive exercise and the purchaser may prefer alternate flooring, therefore a simple carpet clean would be more cost effective.

What are the costs associated with selling my property?

  • Your Mortgage if you have one. The balance of your loan will be due at settlement
  • Stamp Duty Only the purchaser pays this, however if you are buying another property the costs should be allowed for in your calculations
  • Pro-rata Water, Council Rates and Strata Fees You are responsible for all payments until after settlement occurs. If any of the accounts have been prepaid your settlement agent will organise a refund on your behalf
  • Insurance The property should be continued to be insured until after settlement has occurred
  • Agency Commission and any Marketing: as agreed on the Listing Authority
  • Settlement Agency Fees as well as title search, transfer and settlement fees
  • Relocation Costs Whether you do this yourself or hire packers and movers, there are costs associated with relocation